The work undertaken by the LleCHI Project has been integral in raising awareness of how wonderful our slate communities are.  There is a new energy and excitement in how we share our stories, with some adults and children learning new things about their heritage, and others contributing their ideas to community regeneration.

National Slate Museum

I am very proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to this nomination, and would be delighted if it secured the World Heritage Site designation which would contribute to ensuring that the history of the industry is preserved, and will live on in memory for years to come

Llechi Young Ambassador

Slate quarried from mountain-slope and valley-floor, or mined from the bowels of the earth, hewn by sweat, blood and silicotic lungs, was the all-purpose material of our community… I believe the World will want to know more about The Slate Landscape of Northwest Wales, and will appreciate and enjoy its significance

Chair of the Wales Slate Partnership Steering Group

Walking the paths and mountains of Snowdonia is one of my hobbies, and I regularly walk along these important landscapes. There is something unostentatious in walking the same path as the people who worked here in such hard and brutal times. Learning about these areas and how the landscape has been formed not only honours these people but also creates the feeling of belonging. By walking the slate path I’ve learnt that the grey ruggedness is integral to our history, and as a result contributes towards the unique beauty of Snowdonia.

Slate People