Dyffryn Nantlle’s newest Mural conveys the history of Yr Orsaf building from 1852 onwards

The World Heritage Site status is being used to regenerate and empower Gwynedd's slate communities; we are confident that it will act as a catalyst for employment, skills, better destinations and community action.

Elen Roberts


The work undertaken by the LleCHI Project has been integral in raising awareness of how wonderful our slate communities are.  There is a new energy and excitement in how we share our stories, with some adults and children learning new things about their heritage, and others contributing their ideas to community regeneration.

National Slate Museum

Cynllun Rheoli

Crynodeb o’r Cynllun Rheoli 

Mae’r Cynllun Rheoli yn: 

  1. Cyflwyno’r Cynllun Rheoli.  

  1. Cyflwyno’r Dirwedd Ddiwylliannol a’r elfennau sydd wedi eu dewis ar gyfer y dynodiad.  Mae’n bwysig fod y rhain o “Werth Eithriadol Fyd-eang”. Dyna’r prawf oedd  rhaid bod yn siŵr ohono, bob tro. 


Llun clawr dogfen enwebu

Wales was the world’s first industrial nation, and industrial heritage is an important part of Welsh history. The slate industry is iconic to north Wales. It played a vitally important role in forming our social and economic landscape. Its product is one of the most important single source building resources.